Rousa Platapussy

A paddle friendly mini-mal that doesn't skimp on performance!

Plenty of foam where you need it for paddle power, stability & glide, with subtle refinements to ensure that it will perform.  The Platapussy features a single concave under the nose the blends into a double concave through the belly of the board.  This helps you get heaps of speed and lift from the take off even in mushy/weak waves.  A generous amount of vee runs out of the tail for added maneuverability and smooth transition from rail to rail.

A nice medium rocker has been used though this board, which when combined with the bottom contour allows you to initiate turns from further up the board (without having to be right back on the tail).  A tucked edge through the center of the board further minimizes the catching of rails - allowing you the freedom to draw the lines you want, even on lumpy wave faces.