Shark Shield Power Module

Powered by Shark Shield technology, the Transferable Power Module is the brains and power that drives the FREEDOM+ Surf and FREEDOM+ Surf - SHORTBOARD shark deterrent systems. Designed to sit in the kicker of the custom FREEDOM+ Surf Tail Pad, it is lightweight and can be transferred between any boards fitted with the Tail Pad / Antenna and Tail Pad / Antenna - SHORTBOARD.

NOTE: this product is included in the FREEDOM+ Surf and FREEDOM+ Surf - SHORTBOARD and only really needs to be purchased separately as a spare or replacement.


  • The world’s only scientifically proven and independently tested electrical shark deterrent. Nothing is more effective. 
  • Proven to deter Great Whites, Tiger and Bull Sharks.
  • Easily transferred to any board fitted with the FREEDOM+ Surf Tail Pad / Antenna or Tail Pad/ Antenna - SHORTBOARD.
  • Long-life 6-hour rechargeable lithium battery allows you to have a couple of surfs on the one charge.
  • LED power on/off button and battery life indicator.
  • Comes with a charging dock with international options.