The #77+ from Sharpeye is now on our racks at Melbourne Surfboard Shop. Need a board designed and built for bigger and better waves? You want the extra speed, control and paddle to let you get really barrelled during the next swell? Then the #77+ is for you.

Extensively tested over 2019/2020 - tweaking and refining the foam distribution and rocker of the original #77 until landing on the perfect balance. Resulting in smooth entry, increased drive and better control when it counts.

When the waves get good, you want to get in clean, be able to generate speed, but also wipe it off with ease. Sharpeye's teamriders have put the #77+ through it’s paces from the reef passes of Tahiti to thumping beach breaks in Portugal. The aim was to develop a board for getting as barrelled as possible, but also allow you throw down turns in waves with more juice. After much r&d the feedback on the final version of the #77+ was incredible.

Developed for ripping in good to excellent conditions - the #77+ is the step-up shortboard that everyone needs in their quiver.