Sharpeye Disco Cheater

The Disco Cheater from Sharpeye is a high volume, user-friendly all rounder. Purpose built for knee to head high days at your local point, beach of reef break.  If you ride a HP shortboard, this model is a good one to consider for smaller, weaker waves.  If you are less adept, the Disco Cheater has a great blend of user friendly and performance characteristics and can make a solid, user-friendly all-rounder.

The Disco Cheater is a more relaxed version of the original Disco model (that some might remember from our racks a few years back)It keeps many of the same elements with extra area added to the outline.  This new broader shape gives it more stability and increases the planing area under your feet.  A fuller foil adds volume throughout the board for extra paddle power (to get your wave count up) and glide over flat spots.

The bottom is a medium single concave that runs into a deep double between the fins.  The double then flattens through the tail. This bottom contour has been specially tuned to give you plenty of speed and lift while providing more control in turbulent water (ie. when you get stuck in the white-water trying to connect sections).

Despite these user friendly characteristics, the combination of the rocker, rail through the tail and bottom contour still makes this a relatively responsive and spicy board to surf.  Come in store and check them out.

SharpEye "Disco & Disco Cheater " Surfboard Review by Noel Salas Ep. 45 by Surf n Show Reviews on YouTube