Sharpeye Synergy

Introducing the ultimate high-performance shortboard - the Synergy, a Jack Robinson signature model exclusively from SharpEye Surfboards. Crafted for the modern surfer demanding explosive and unmatched performance in good to excellent waves, this board represents the perfect fusion between surfer and shaper.

Equipped with a mid-entry and continuous rocker, the Synergy allows for tight, aggressive turns that will leave even the most experienced surfers in awe. The board’s tail rocker is dialled up to the max, providing the perfect balance of manoeuvrability and speed. The deep single concave generates impressive speed and allows for unmatched control in even the most challenging conditions. Designed with a slightly fuller nose and tail pod, the Synergy is a higher volumed board with a flatter deck (unlike the #77 which has more of a domed deck). Overall, it’s a very drivey surfboard which suits a solid and powerful surfer. This surfboard is the ideal choice for high-performance surfing, providing a fast, responsive, and reactive surf that will leave you wanting more.

Ride the Synergy in your performance shortboard dimensions. It will sit nicely in your quiver between an Inferno 72 and #77 and excel in waves with shape from 2- 6ft. Synergy Model Explosive Performance.