Italo Ferreira's Pool Party 2 by Timmy Patterson Surfboards is now in store!

An updated version of a board initially designed for the WSL Surf Ranch event. This model then went on to be one of Timmy's best sellers. A fuller outlined, everyday board that will get it done in the majority of conditions.

For those of you used to full HP shortboards - this model will allow you to take that high performance approach to weaker, smaller conditions like no other. Those of you than need something a touch more forgiving than full HP shortboards - this will be a fantastic user friendly all-rounder. Grab one of these and you are well covered for conditions from knee/ waist high, all the way up to a foot or two overhead.

Timmy has expertly balanced the fuller outline with a medium sized rail & one of the best looking moderate rockers I've seen in a while. The bottom contour is a single to slight double concave that fades into a slight vee off the tail. These look to me like sure fire goal kickers for local conditions – highly recommended!