There have been whispers about the ultimate log coming out of CJ Nelson’s workshop for a few months now—rumours that have every dedicated logger more excited than Christmas. We’ve finally gotten a look at the Apex, and it’s everything it was billed to be. Loosely based on the 1960s Involvement Log template, with a relatively narrow nose and hips set back of centre, the Apex naturally gravitates toward critical noserides deep in the pocket and aggressive “hotdog” surfing. Added concave in the nose helps extend those noserides even longer, and a harder, lower, performance type rail in the tail puts the final polish on the board’s manoeuvrability. CJ intended this to be the apex of classic longboard design and performance, and that’s exactly what it is. Available in Thunderbolt Silver, in three sizes ranging from 9'1" to 9'11", the Apex is an homage to traditional longboarding, but with a modern twist.