Torq Longboard 9'0 x 22 3/4 x 3 1/8 72L Futures 2 + 1

The Torq Longboard is perfect for those of you that want a cruisy surfing shape with float and glide to spare. This model is a great performer in ankle high to slightly over head waves and has tremendous wave catching ability.  With one of these Longboards you can be pretty confident when you go to the beach that as long as there is something breaking, you’ll be able to get out there and grab a couple.

A fuller Longboard nose and a low entry rocker really helps this board get you in to waves nice and early – once you are up, there is plenty of speed and glide even in super small, weak conditions. The key to this models ability to perform is the perfect amount of tail rocker.  There is just the right amount in this shape to let you negotiate & react with speed in steeper, quicker beach break waves without losing too much momentum.  This tail rocker, coupled with a decent amount of vee through the back 3rd of the board allows the mini long to roll over onto its rail with ease and carve nice clean arcs even on small wave faces.  There is just the right amount of tail area to counter balance you on the nose for great noseriding, without getting too sticky and hard to control off the tail.

This Torq model features a 2+1 Fin set up designed by Futures Fins of California - one of the most respected fin systems on the planet.  The Longboard comes with fin boxes for a larger back fin with 2 smaller side fins – fins are also included with the board.

Torq surfboards have well and truly created a new standard in the surfboard market, offering an unmatched combination of strength and performance.  These boards ride well, are super tough and offer incredible value.

The boards in the TET Torq range are the closest things we’ve seen to a bulletproof surfboard. Built using a molded epoxy construction that is heavily reinforced on the rails these things can take a real beating (compared to traditionally constructed PU & other Epoxy surfboards) – this makes them a great choice for the beginner to intermediate surfer or those of you that want a board that will really last. 

TET Longboard - Torq Surfboards by Torq Surfboards on YouTube