Torq Mod Fun 6'8 x 21 x 2 3/4 41.8L Futures

The Torq Mod Fun is a user friendly and versatile shape, designed to perform in a wide range of conditions. From overhead, hollow boomers to weak, mushy, knee high dribblers the versatility of the Mod Fun makes it an excellent choice if you need one board to handle all the conditions where you live and travel.

The Mod Fun has a medium to full nose shape, which when combined with the shallow entry rocker creates a board that really glides in to waves with ease.  The Mod Fish design tapers back from the broad front into a pulled in round tail.  This tail shape means that turning this board is smooth and fairly effortless for a board its size. This tail shape also helps give the rider a touch more authority allowing you to keep a bigger board in control under your feet.

The bottom features a single to double concave for speed, with a pronounced vee minimise catching rails in transition & to help you get this board on rail easily.

This Torq model features a Futures Fin system designed by Futures Fins of California - one of the most respected fin systems on the planet.  The Mod Fun comes with fin boxes for a standard Thruster set up – fins are also included with the board.

Torq surfboards have well and truly created a new standard in the surfboard market, offering an unmatched combination of strength and performance.  These boards ride well, are super tough and offer incredible value.

The boards in the TET Torq range are the closest things we’ve seen to a bulletproof surfboard. Built using a molded epoxy construction that is heavily reinforced on the rails these things can take a real beating (compared to traditionally constructed PU & other Epoxy surfboards) – this makes them a great choice for the beginner to intermediate surfer or those of you that want a board that will really last.