True Ames Tyler Warren Thruster

Tyler’s exploration of board design have led him to the performance realm of thrusters. This set has been created to compliment the alternative and hybrid shortboards that Tyler is known for. A low-raked template designed for clean lines with speed, flow and style.

The slightly smaller centre fin allows for release while the upright side fins create solid drive and hold.  This set works well in shorter, wider and flatter shortboards in all conditions - spicy enough for weaker and slopey waves, while being stable enough for higher speeds and tubes.

( 3 Fin Set ) Futures Compatible:

Front Fins:
     Height: 4.69 in / 119 mm
     Base: 4.54 in / 115 mm
     Area: 15.96 in^2 / 103.0 cm^2
Rear Fin:
     Height: 4.64 in / 118 mm
     Base: 4.41 in / 112 mm
     Area: 15.11 in^2 / 97.5 cm^2