Whompa Handplane Grey/Black

Take your bodysurfing experience to the next level with a Whompa Handplane.  Purpose built to provide power, lift, speed and control.  Get into the wave early, race the curl in the pocket, then speed out and hold your line across the open face. Don't be satisfied with just a five-second tumble in the white water.

Designed to be an extension of your hand, Whompa handplanes give you enough power to get on the wave early, without being difficult to use. You’re still able to swim and duck dive like normal, without the feeling you’re dragging a dinner plate behind you

Whompa handplanes are also concave, providing more power for their size, allowing for excellent direction and control when you’re on the face of a wave.

Developed using 100% recycled plastic, providing a significant and meaningful reduction in environmental impact


23 × 18 × 0.5 cm

Made from 100% recycled plastic with adjustable canvas hand strap and wrist leash.


230mm long x 180mm wide x 3 – 5mm thick