Zak Hull

We would like to introduce the new Zak Hull design hot off the press locally made here in Victoria.

With inspiration being pulled from traditional ideologies of an original Kenny Reimers Hull shaped board. Zak has fused his modern knowledge of foam with these elements and created a great all-rounder for a smooth, down the line style of surfing. 

The wide point of the board has been nudged as far forward as possible to create an easy entry into the wave with all the paddle power you would ever need. The rocker sits at a low to medium level to traverse you through those flat sections with speed and glide. 

The bottom of the board is probably the most abstract part of the design with a belly in it instead of concave. This is an ode to the early 70s board that were basically designed off the bottom of a boat. The rails are then chined to a 50/50 design which are usually quite sensitive but that is what will give you the control off the bottom when navigating the rail to rail style of surfing that the bottom of the board will demand.

With a 2+1 fin set up you will have the ability to run a large single fin to really give you that old school feel or for a bit more pivot and control, substitute that for a smaller centre and put two side bites in. 

Once you get the hang of this board, you should really be able to surf it from about 1-6 foot which makes it extremely versatile and a great alternative for when you do not feel like jumping on the high performance thruster.

We recommend this fin if you are riding it as a single or these side bites along with a shorter Admiral fin if you are opting for the 2+1 setup. To confuse you even more, Kenny has also experimented with riding this board as a twin fin with Modern Keel fins to loosen the board up and generate more speed down the line.